Shower Walls | Quartz Panels or Tile Surrounds?

Finally, you’re renovating the bathroom you’ve been longing to redo since you moved in, and you’re ready to bring your very own spa sanctuary to life. You’re looking for answers about what material and method to choose for your new shower walls. You’ve looked into the options – from cultured marble and quartz panels to tile surround and solid surface slabs – and are deciding between the most popular choices for your new spa sanctuary. You know you want something stylish, of course, but are also interested in a material that will last and withstand the test of time while staying within your budget.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re sharing the main differences you’ll see when choosing between quartz panels or tile surround to complete your shower walls. The goal of this breakdown is to give you clarity on which shower wall option is right for you by offering our favorite advantages to each choice. Ultimately, helping you to answer the question – Quartz panels or tile surrounds?


The Pros Of Choosing Quartz Panels For Shower Walls

Quartz panels are a beautiful and reliable choice for shower walls. The engineered material offers an array of design possibilities in order to fit any style. While at the same time, meeting the highest standard of quality for shower wall panels. More on why we love quartz panels below, as well as inspiration for how you can incorporate quartz into your bathroom design.

No Grout – Sleek Finish

When it comes to your shower walls, the less grout, the better. Quartz panels require zero grout, which means no wasting hours scrubbing and no risk of residue whatsoever. Plus, no maintenance or grout repair to worry about with quartz panels. After installation, you won’t’ have to touch them until you’re ready for another renovation!

Cleaner Install

Since you don’t need any grouting work done to install a quartz panel shower wall, the installation is a smooth and tidy process. While quartz panels are more difficult to transport than ceramic tile, installing them will leave minimal dust and debris. Which in the end, will have you under your new rainfall showerhead in no time!

Fast Turn-Around

Quartz panel walls are a great option for a quick turnaround rate, as they don’t take nearly as long as tile surrounds installation. Since installing a quartz panel is a breeze, it is typically completed within the same day. This saves you time to work on other details of your remodel and gives you the assurance that your shower will come out as expected. Making quartz panels a no-brainer for homeowners on a tight timeline.


One of the little-known upsides to quartz shower walls is that they are extremely cost-effective. A typical quartz wall will cost around $50 to $100 per square foot for materials, so the panels themselves won’t break your budget. That is, they aren’t cheap, but the overall return on investment and longevity of quartz makes it a very financially sound choice in the end, and especially favorable when compared alongside the material’s excellent durability.

No Leaks

Quartz shower wall panels are non-porous, which means they don’t absorb water like the grout that keeps tile in place. This results in never having to worry about leakage when you choose a quartz panel shower wall. Since there’s no way for the wall to absorb moisture and retain water, your shower will stay sleek and sophisticated for years to come.

The Pros of Choosing Tile Surrounds for Your Shower Walls

Real Grout – No Faux Finish

With the real thing, you get the real finish. This means no need for concern that your faux may look fake!

Full Customization

The ability to mix and match various patterns, and choose from a wide array of colors and designs gives you full freedom of your shower’s design. Plus, if your shower has a unique angel that needs special attending too, you can cut ceramic tile to fit just about any area.


Up-To-Date Tile Patterns

Whether you prefer a herringbone style tile pattern or a chic subway tile, you can’t go wrong with tile surrounds for your shower walls.

Better For The Environment

Since natural materials, including ceramic, are generally better for the environment, choosing tile is a great choice for the planet. Along with great durability and top-of-the-line quality, ceramic tiles offer a green option for your shower walls.


Now that you’re armed with the main differences between quartz panel shower walls vs ceramic tiling, one may stand out to you! If so, do some more digging to answer any remaining questions you may have and step forward with confidence in the decision you make.

Happy Remodeling!

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