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Below we have created a tool to help you understand what goes into an overall budget for remodeling projects. While no two projects are the same it should allow you to create the framework of a budget for your project.
That said, there are many variables that must be considered, so please contact a design professional to discuss your project.

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Determine a total kitchen or bath remodeling budget by selecting a percentage of your home's value.

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Quick Tip on Home Value %:
A kitchen project is a defining room in your home. Consider beginning with 15% as a starting point for a kitchen and 8% for a master bath project.

Remember that a major kitchen remodel project adds 72.1% of its value back into your home\'s value and a bathroom remodel adds 71% of its value based on a national average.*

(*Source: 2009-10 Cost vs. Value, Remodeling Magazine.)

Your Budget Breakdown

Item Percent Amount
Quick Tip on the Cabinets %:
Cabinets are the most visible part of a remodel project. Consider beginning with 40% as a starting point for a kitchen and 30% for a master bath project for the cabinets %.
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Quick Tip on % Difference to 100%:
This cell tells you the % left to get your personalized investment breakdown to 100% and EQUAL to your remodeling budget dollars in #2 above. RED indicates you are above your budget dollars by going over 100%, GREEN indicates you are below your budget dollars by being under 100%, and 0% means you are at 100%.

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