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Outdoor Kitchens by MKD

Turn your backyard living space into your own outdoor escape with MKD's Signature Outdoor Kitchen Collection.

Transform your backyard into an inviting outdoor living area with MKD Kitchen and Bath’s custom outdoor kitchens! Elevate your al fresco dining and entertainment experience by incorporating our premium outdoor BBQ islands into your deck or patio. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, our top-tier outdoor cabinets and countertops not only offer unparalleled quality but also come with a 25-year warranty. Collaborate with our expert designers to tailor the ideal outdoor kitchen that aligns with your budget, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle requirements.

MKD's Design Consultants will help you:
Schedule your consultation today and get your BBQ Island installed in as little as 4-5 weeks!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Process

Four-Steps To Complete Your Vision:

Step 1: Choose the Layout

Select from four premium layouts for your outdoor kitchen setup.


84" W x 28" D


60" W x 28" D


72" W x 28" D


48" W x 28" D

Step 2: Select Cabinet Door Style & Finish

Choose from two different door styles and three finish options

Shaker Door Style

Shaker doors present a popular craftsman-style look and feel. The shaker panel door option is available as an upgrade option. The shaker door style can be available is 8-10 weeks.
Available in Ash, Black, and White finishes.

Flat Door Style

The flat panel door style provides a modern aesthetic and is easy to maintain. The flat panel door style is available as a base option in our program and can be installed 4-5 weeks following order.
Available in Ash, Black, and White finishes.

Start planning your outdoor kitchen today!

Step 3: Select a Countertop

Pick out the perfect Dekton ultra-compact surface or granite natural stone countertop from our Signature Collection to finalize your design.























White Sparkle


White Valley


Alpine Valley


Valle Nevado


Step 4: Select Your Grills & Appliances

Complete your outdoor cooking center with one of our gas grills by Blaze or a Green Egg Smoker.
3 Burner LBM Blaze Grill
3 Pro Blaze Grill
4 Burner LTE Blaze Grill with Lights
4 Burner LBM Blaze Grill
LTE Blaze Griddle
LTE Power Burner
LTE Side Burner
Pro Power Burner
Green Eggs

Step 4: Select Your Grills & Appliances

Finish your design with a refreshment station complete with an outdoor refrigerator, beverage cooler, and ice maker.

Blaze 25 Inch

Outdoor Refrigerator

Blaze 50 Lbs 15 Inch

Outdoor Ice Maker

Blaze 24 Inch

Glass Door Beverage Cooler

Blaze 50 Lbs 15 Inch

Outdoor Ice Maker

Blaze Double Door

Outdoor Refrigerator

Step 5: Outdoor Kitchen Installation

Schedule your installation with our team & enjoy your new exterior living space!

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Ready to expand your living area with a bespoke outdoor kitchen from MKD? Arrange your free estimate today, and let our outdoor kitchen design experts guide you to the perfect layout for your space.

Cabinet & Countertop Features

Our comprehensive outdoor kitchen solutions feature Wolf Endurance cabinetry and high-quality countertop selections from Dekton, ensuring your space is equipped with the finest products for any design layout and durable results for outdoor enjoyment.

Wolf Endurance Outdoor Cabinetry

Wolf Endurance cabinets, crafted from robust aluminum, are built to endure the elements. Their powder-coated finish, featuring exterior-grade pigments, guarantees color integrity. With sealed storage in every configuration, your items are protected, ensuring lasting durability and style.

Dekton Ultra Compact Surfaces

Dekton countertops are crafted from an ultra-compact material ideal for outdoor settings. This high-performance surface offers a variety of textures and hues in expansive patterns, designed with a low thermal expansion coefficient for superior weather resistance. It also maintains exceptional durability against everyday wear and tear.

Aluminum Construction

Power-Coated Finish

Sealed Storage

Ultra-Compact Surface

Large Format Design

Scratch, Heat & Stain Resistant

Outdoor Kitchen Design Inspiration

Explore the potential of your backyard with our captivating design options to spark your imagination. With Wolf Endurance cabinets at the heart of outdoor kitchen design, the options are limitless. These eye-catching styles are just a sample of what’s available through MKD’s Signature Outdoor Kitchen Collection.

Outdoor Kitchens FAQ

We’ve gathered the most common questions about our outdoor kitchen program, providing detailed answers below to guide you:

Our four standard, flat-panel door layouts can be ordered and installed in as little as four weeks! Choose from one of 12 of the most popular outdoor countertop options and have the cabinets and top installed at once.
Yes! We are proud to partner with GreenSky to offer 12-months no payments, no interest plans, and more! *Subject to credit approval and interest rates apply.
Wolf offers a limited lifetime warranty and their outdoor cabinetry line. You can learn more about the details of that warranty from the vendor here.
While there are a wide variety of grill options compatible with the wolf endurance line, you will want to know the grill you are going with prior to purchase since the grill base cabinet can vary as well as the side panels for venting. The list of compatible grills can be found here.
Dekton ultra-compact surfaces provide a 25-year limited warranty. You can view the warranty details here.
MKD has partnered with a company that specializes in protective grill covers for these specialty outdoor kitchen designs. Please speak with your designer to learn more and order a cover to fit your layout.
When you schedule a free consultation with MKD our designers will come to your home and bring an actual cabinet with them for you to see, touch, and feel. In addition, the designers will have each of the 12 countertop samples for you to pick from along with the three cabinet finish options.
We offer a mobile base for most of our outdoor kitchen setups as an accessory. If you’re interested in a rolling outdoor kitchen island please let your design consultant know so they can provide you with the best solutions.
Have more questions? Contact us to learn more!

Cabinet | Countertop - Care & Maintenance

We’ve assembled the top inquiries regarding our outdoor kitchen offerings, complete with comprehensive answers below to assist you:

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