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Turn your backyard living space into your own outdoor escape with MKD's Signature Outdoor Countertop Collection.

Our curated collection of outdoor countertops showcases the most sought-after and visually striking surfaces designed to elevate your outdoor living area. Book an in-home consultation now to explore the collection and choose the perfect surface to match your style, guided by our skilled designers.

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Choosing Your Outdoor Countertop

Complete your backyard kitchen design in style
These are the top qualities to look for in an outdoor countertop:

UV Resistant

Highly Durable


Impact Resistant

When choosing an outdoor countertop, several key characteristics are crucial for longevity and style. Opt for materials that boast UV resistance and exceptional durability to stand up to the sun’s rays and the elements. Ensure your choice is either non-porous or adequately sealed to guard against water damage, ensuring it remains stylish through every season. Additionally, selecting a countertop with high impact and stain resistance will secure your investment’s appearance and functionality for years to come, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without concerns.

Countertops created to make a statement–whether indoors or out.

MKD curates a selection of premier outdoor countertop brands and materials designed to endure the challenges of the outdoors, ensuring you can relax and delight in your refreshed outdoor haven with ease.

MKD's Signature Outdoor Countertop Collection

Presents Eight Stunning Colors from Cosentino's high-performance line of Dekton Countertops.
This ultra-compact surface is an innovative countertop material created for optimal exterior performance.
Encompassing all the qualities you need in exterior surface material, Dekton Countertops are highly resistant to scratches, UV-rays, stains, and heat.

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Dekton Countertop Colors

The possibilities are endless with Dekton countertops for outdoor design. MKD’s Signature Collection features eight stunning colors from Dekton’s line:
These cutting-edge colors are hand-picked for natural environments and are ideal for completing a backyard kitchen design.

Dekton Outdoor Countertop Design

Inspiring designs featuring Dekton countertops from our new Signature Outdoor Countertop Collection:
Dekton is a premium ultra-compact surface for outdoor countertops that offers the durability needed withstand the Midwest’s climate. These six signature colors were hand-picked for lasting beauty.

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More On Dekton Outdoor Countertops

Dekton countertops are made to withstand the test of time and require little maintenance, they are easy to clean with simple soap and water. The outdoor and kitchen countertop brand comes in a wide range of natural patterns and colors to choose from that guarantee a stunning final design. Plus, when you add these features listed below, you can see why Dekton is the premiere choice for outdoor countertops.

Large Format Designs

Options offer 3200 x 1440 millimetre slabs to ensure visual unity and minimal seams throughout each look.

25-Year Warranty

Dekton provides an incredible 25-year warranty on all surfaces to guarantee lasting quality.

Thickness Range

Dekton outdoor countertops come in your choice of available thickness of 4, 8, 12, 20, and 30 millimeters.

Beyond our Signature Outdoor Countertop Collection...

Choosing from our ultra-compact surfaces or granite countertop selections guarantees a stylish finish to your backyard design project.

Dekton & Granite Provide Lasting Beauty

The best materials for outdoor kitchen countertops:

MKD offers a carefully chosen array of leading outdoor countertop options, crafted to withstand outdoor conditions, allowing you to effortlessly enjoy and take pride in your newly enhanced outdoor retreat.

Dekton For Outdoor Countertops

Dekton by Cosentino stands out as a cutting-edge option for countertops, blending superior performance with striking aesthetics. Ideal for outdoor kitchens, patio fireplaces, and backyard bars, Dekton offers unparalleled resistance to stains and heat, adeptly handling extreme weather fluctuations. Its non-porous nature eliminates concerns over water damage, ensuring your outdoor surfaces remain impeccable. With an extensive palette of colors and designs, Dekton promises to enhance your backyard space with enduring beauty.

Granite For Outdoor Countertops

Granite, sourced directly from the earth, boasts inherent durability and is a superb choice for outdoor countertops. Its patterns, featuring neutral tones, integrate seamlessly into outdoor kitchen aesthetics. As a naturally hard and impact-resistant stone, granite excels in outdoor settings. Unlike quartz, granite demands annual sealing to safeguard against water infiltration and to maintain its color vibrancy, ensuring its beauty and functionality in your outdoor kitchen for years to come.

Michigan outdoor kitchens

Further care & maintenance for your outdoor countertops:

While we fabrication and install a variety of quartz brands from LG Viatera, MSI Quartz, Silestone, and more we recommend this care and maintenance guide from Dekton®.

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