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Our cabinet refacing program offers a practical solution for homeowners who want to upgrade their cabinets without the hassle of a full replacement. By opting for cabinet refacing, you can transform the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom and simultaneously enhance the value of your home. We will remove your old, damaged, or outdated cabinets and restore them to an exceptional condition through our program.

Our expert installers will retain the essential structure of your current cabinet system and replace all other cabinet components. The cabinet refacing process is uncomplicated, direct, and highly effective in revamping any room in your home, restoring it to its former glory.

Opting for cabinet refacing allows you to create a fresh new look while also freeing up your budget for other updates. Additionally, cabinet refacing takes a mere three to four days to complete, eliminating the need for a full-scale remodel that can cause significant disruption and inconvenience. MKD’s team of professionals will swiftly and efficiently complete the project, leaving you with the kitchen you’ve always envisioned, and you may even wonder why you didn’t take the plunge earlier!

Whether you prefer granite and quartz, we guarantee to help Grand Rapids homeowners create the home of their dreams!

No Payments, No Interest for 12 Months!

Kent County, MI Service Areas

Situated on the west side of the state, Kent County is less than an hour’s drive from Lake Michigan, spanning over 850 square miles and accommodating a populace exceeding 600,000 individuals, alongside nine cities and 21 townships. With roughly 240,000 households residing in the county, Kent County is a preferred location owing to its plethora of thriving businesses, excellent school districts, and recreational activities.

At MKD, we are excited to assist Kent County residents in realizing their dream home. With our expertise in professional countertop fabrication and installation services, we guarantee to transform your home into a beautiful and functional space. Check out our extensive list of service areas within Kent County and get in touch with us to commence the journey towards creating the home you’ve always desired!

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