How to Bring Boho-Style into Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the centerpiece of any home. It’s also the place where many go to express their creativity and style through good design. Boho-style has emerged as one of the top interior design options for people looking to refresh the main gathering space in their home. Noted for its emphasis on vibrant colors and patterns, natural light, and no shortage of greenery. Boho style is less a trend, and more a celebration of tried-and-true design principles that captivate and charm. 

And, if done well, a touch of boho-style in your kitchen design can convert your kitchen into a timeless mainstay. 

boho style kitchen design

How to Bring Boho-Style into Your Kitchen Design in 7 Unique Ways

While boho style is characterized for its celebration of unconventional styles and aesthetically vibrant patterns, boho-chic draws on similar concepts. While smoothing them over with a more neutral touch. 

With boho-chic, design and color schemes are refined and molded with a mature sophistication that still leaves room for classic bohemian features.

To help bring boho-style into your kitchen design, we’re sharing our most useful tips – and some serious design inspiration. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Top 7 Ways to Incorporate Boho-Chic into Your Kitchen Design 

boho chic kitchen design

  1. Green Up Your Spaces
  2. Choose Vibrant, Yet Refined, Colors
  3. Open Things Up
  4. Dazzle with Beams
  5. Impress with Tile Patterns
  6. Tidy Up with Shelving
  7. Opt for Vintage Finishes 

If you’re looking to incorporate boho-chic into your kitchen design, these are the top 7 ways to do so.

1. Green Up Your Spaces

Making ample use of indoor plants and other greenery is a classic example of boho-style naturalism. In fact, when it comes to boho-style and boho-chic, you really can’t have too many plants. 

Whether you opt to show them off in a pot on the shelf, hang them from the ceiling, or simply place them on the ground, plant decorating is one of the essential elements of boho-style. After all, plants are one of the main reasons for its characteristic rustic aesthetic. 

As a DIY kitchen designer, getting some plants to liven up your kitchen is also a great way to initially experiment with boho-chic. Before then diving head-first into a full-scale remodeling project. The exact type of plant is less important than the quantity and placement of the plant. Although, classic examples include ferns, succulents, and even cacti. 

boho chic kitchen greenery

2. Choose Vibrant, Yet Refined, Colors

If Boho-style is famous for a preference for bright colors, exotic tile patterns, and exuberant prints, boho-chic draws on these concepts in a more subdued and coordinated fashion.

In this sense, it’s possible to achieve as a kitchen designer boho-chic or boho-inspired style that also reflects your individual preferences. Don’t be afraid to introduce color schemes based on indigos, teal green, and yellows. Additionally, it’s also common for folks that prefer a less attention-grabbing color. If you prefer a more neutral white or grey paint, adding in some carefully curated tiles and patterns will lend a hint of boho-chic sophistication that brings the overall design into focus. 

boho style kitchen island

3. Open Things Up

One of the notable features of many boho-influenced kitchen layouts is a well-considered economy of space. In the same way that an artist or photographer plays with blank space in their compositions, you too can use space to make individual elements in your kitchen pop. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, opening up space will offer a fresh feel to your design.

Consolidate kitchen space around a single, center-placed island or countertop. Go for open-shelving units over closed cabinetry. And, where possible, consider opening up the flow between rooms. This will allow clear passage from your kitchen to a central gathering space, such as a dining table. 

boho chic kitchen open concept

4. Dazzle with Beams

Consider adding exposed wooden ceiling beams to your boho-chic-influenced kitchen to cultivate a timeless, rustic touch. 

Exposed wooden beams add a pastoral element to any kitchen. They emulate a more rural, farmhouse design, and simply add a touch of timeless flair you can’t get with anything other than a vintage, unfinished oak beam. Going for exposed wooden beams is the perfect way to bring the rest of your kitchen together. 

boho style kitchen with beams

5. Impress with Tile Patterns

A well-selected tile pattern can function as the centerpiece of any bohemian kitchen.

From the more restrained white tile backsplashes inspired by the traditional Italian cucina, to the staggering beauty of blue, Moroccan mosaic style tiles with geometric patterns, tiles on the floor or on the wall are one of the touchstones of classic boho-style. 

Whether you opt for the vibrancy of stand-out patterns or the crispness of more muted features, playing with tile patterns is one of the best ways to allow your personality to shine through in your kitchen. 

boho-chic kitchen design tile patterns

6. Tidy Up with Shelving

One can’t-miss feature of a boho-chic style kitchen is open shelves. At once rustic and refined, open-style shelves replace closed cabinet features with structures that suggest harmony between nature and the self. 

Display dishes, plants, and even books on your open shelves to highlight a cosmopolitan awareness in your design. Even make use of unfinished or reclaimed wood structures that still suggest a nearness to nature and the open road. 

Finish off your open shelving display with wooden elements and even white ceramic features that highlight the contrast between the subdued and the extravagant. 

boho kitchen design open shelving

7. Opt for Vintage Finishes

Good design works best when the different elements fit around or converge on a central theme. In good boho design, centering your kitchen on common vintage elements can serve as the common thread that unites the different pieces together, even in kitchens with the most eye-popping and color designs. 

Start with wooden elements, from the shelves to the countertop, and be sure to include plenty of space for plants, natural light, and even a wide-set window. Add retro appliances, such as a vintage-style fridge or stove, for a throwback veneer. 

Finally, consider adding touches, such as copper tea kettles and bowls, to evoke a sense of classical warmth. 

boho style kitchen vintage finishes

Want Some Help Bringing Boho-Chic to Your Kitchen?

The universal appeal of boho-style and boho-chic is the liberty it gives you to express your preferences and personality with some well-considered design choices. But for those unfamiliar with the finer points of kitchen remodeling, it can be hard to take that first step.

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