kitchen cabinet storage ideas and organization tips

Genius Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas & Organization Tips

In an ideal world, we’d all have an organized kitchen with endless storage available. But in reality, many homeowners struggle to find space and create effective storage solutions. That’s where we come in! Today we’re giving you our most genius kitchen cabinet storage ideas and organization tips to optimize your kitchen cabinets for maximum efficiency. Keep reading to learn our best ideas on how you can make the most of your cabinet drawers, shelves, and doors!

kitchen cabinet storage ideas and organization tips

Genius Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

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No matter if you’re an organization queen or have no idea where to start – These kitchen cabinet storage ideas are perfect for making the most of your current kitchen cabinets or to add on to a cabinet refacing makeover!

kitchen cabinet drawer storage

1. Use Drawer Dividers

Nearly every homeowner uses a drawer divider for their kitchen silverware drawer, but they can be used for so much more! Drawer dividers are an absolute must when keeping your kitchen organized and are one of our favorite kitchen cabinet storage solutions. They help keep all your kitchen utensils, tools, and other items in place while providing easy access for you to find what you’re looking for fast.

Drawer Organizers-1

2. Add Toe-Kick Drawers

Toe-kick drawers offer the perfect place to store heavy pots and pans, lesser-used items, and flat-lying items. These hidden drawers are an excellent solution for those who lack physical kitchen cabinet storage. Because they can typically be installed in any cabinet system, toe-kick drawers are convenient, functional, and extremely affordable.

toe-kick drawer

3. Spice Storage

Ensure every spice is easily accessible when needed and tucked out of the way when not with a spice storage divider. These drawer dividers are specifically dedicated to organizing spices in cabinet drawers and will put you at ease by providing a place for you to store each and every spice.

spice insert

4. Deep Drawer Organizer

When your drawers are deeper than an inch or two it’s a great idea to add deep drawer organizers to keep everything in its place. Deep drawer organizers are great for organizing items like bread and other bakery items, as well as cookware, cooking utensils, and other frequently used items.

deep drawer organizer-1

5. Peg Drawer Organizer

Organize your dishes with a peg drawer organizer to keep plates, bowls, and other delicate items securely stored. Peg organizers are one of the most innovative cabinet drawer storage solutions. They allow you to have easy access to your most-used dining items and avoid any damage that can occur from sliding around the drawer.

peg drawer

kitchen cabinet shelf storage

1. Utilize Shelf Risers

Shelf risers are an excellent way to add surface area to your cabinet shelves. This convenient storage solution lets you double your storage space and keep things organized. Shelf risers are perfect for holding small appliances, dishes, mugs, cans, spice, and more. They’re also one of the most affordable ways to increase your kitchen’s storage space!

Storage solutions two story shelves

2. Use Turntables

Turntables are a convenient and functional solution for making the most of a cluttered cabinet and are an amazing way to optimize storage space. You can use turntables behind closed cabinet doors for spice storage, condiment organization, and more to ensure all your cooking necessities are easily accessible.


3. Add Drawers To Your Cabinets

Adding drawers to cabinets is one of the oldest tricks in the book when it comes to kitchen storage solutions. After all, a lot of cabinet shelves are a necessity, but drawers offer another level of convenience.

Add Drawers to cabinets

4. Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are an excellent way to optimize your cabinet space and organize your kitchen goods, pantry items, pots and pans, or any other kitchen necessity. This classic, yet convenient storage solution offers homeowners a way to best utilize corner cabinets and create an accessible place to store kitchen items.

lazy susan

5. Keep Things Contained

Containers are a lifesaver when it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinet shelves. Specifically, clear containers. We love using clear, plastic containers for organizing rice, cereals, pasta, and other pantry items. This little trick not only keeps your food fresh but also helps minimize cardboard containers since you’ll be combining items into one container. Containers are perfect for the kitchen because they’re cheap to buy and organizing with them is a breeze!

Containers in cabinets-1

kitchen cabinet door storage

1. Store Baking Sheets Upright

Keep your baking sheets, cutting boards, and other flat-lying items stored upright to maximize space and efficiency. Cabinet dividers are one of the best organizing solutions for your kitchen and can be easily installed with your cabinet system. They offer easy access to your cooking necessities and can even be installed during cabinet refacing!

store backing sheets upright

2. Create A Shelf With A Tension Rod

Create a shelf inside of kitchen cabinets with a tension rod to add storage. This little-known trick is perfect for storing spices, canned goods, and other pantry items. As well as hanging cooking utensils or dish rags. Tension rods are an excellent way to make use of otherwise wasted space and treat yourself to a makeshift shelf!

tension rod shelf

3. Stick On Shelves

Stick on shelves are as convenient as they are affordable and are perfect for the inside of your cabinet doors. We love stick on shelving for storing sponges, cleaning supplies, and other necessary items under your kitchen sink. As well as spices, canned goods, and other pantry items. You can also use them as a catch-all shelf for kitchen clutter, coupons, and so much more! We love stick-on shelves because of how flexible and versatile they are.

Stick on shelves

4. Cutting Board Door Mount

Conveniently store your cutting boards on the inside of your cabinet doors by installing a cabinet door mount. A cabinet door mount is perfect for keeping your cutting boards out of the way, while simultaneously giving you easy access to your items. This is an excellent kitchen storage solution because it can be done on your own for a relatively low cost!

cabinet door mount

5.  Cabinet Door Knife Rack

Keep your knives out of reach and safely stored away with a cabinet door knife rack. This solution is perfect for homeowners with children and is a great way to keep your blades organized. Safely storing your knives on the inside of your cabinet door will ensure you have easy access to them when needed and will also prevent your knives from becoming dull. We love this organization tip because of how affordable and easy it is to implement.

cabinet door knife rack-1


What Next?

We hope you found these kitchen cabinet storage ideas useful and can implement some of them in your own kitchen!

Once you’ve organized your kitchen with these genius kitchen cabinet storage ideas and organization tips, check out our tips on how to create your ideal design style. We break down the most popular kitchen design styles and how you can create them for yourself here. Or for more on kitchen remodeling tips and design ideas check out our Ultimate Guide To Designing Your Perfect Kitchen!

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