Fall Decor Must-Haves For A Cozy Kitchen

Today we’re sharing our fall decor must-haves for creating your coziest kitchen!

One of the best parts about decorating for fall is that it’s inexpensive and takes minimal effort. By changing your linens, adding seasonal candles, and incorporating the following tips, your kitchen will be fresh for fall in no time!

Our 5 Fall Decor Must-Haves For A Cozy Kitchen:

  1. Faux Pumpkins
  2. Farmhouse Elements
  3. Gourds Galore
  4. Plush Accessories
  5. Fall-Centric Centerpiece

Now let’s get to them!

1. Faux Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a timeless fall decor staple we all know and love – But traditional bright orange pumpkins can often clash with your style. That’s why faux pumpkins are the perfect way to incorporate the fall season into your kitchen. Faux pumpkins come in a variety of patterns, textures, materials, and colors. Their versatility allows you to add a touch of fall to your kitchen, while still matching your style.

We love how these glass pumpkins (1) lit up by fairy lights bring a bright and whimsical feel to this kitchen island.

These petite fabric pumpkins (2) staggered around a large ceramic pumpkin add an autumn touch to this kitchen’s bar area.

Sweet and simple, this glass pumpkin (4) stands alone next to an elegant vase, perfect for adding a little glamour to your autumn decor.

These (3) foam pumpkins are beautifully painted to match a navy and gold color scheme, and would fit beautifully in a nautical themed kitchen during the fall.

Faux pumpkins have endless decor possibilities, and with.a little browsing, you can easily find a combination to fit your style and give your kitchen a warm Autumn appeal.

2. Farmhouse Elements

Farmhouse decor elements add rustic charm to the kitchen and create a beautiful fall aesthetic. Adding farmhouse staples like wooden bowls, cutting boards, and texture throughout your kitchen is a tasteful way to add a fall touch. Solidify the season by layering wooden trays or wicker baskets with candles, pumpkins, colored leaves, and other seasonal goodies to create a fresh fall display.

These wooden cutting boards (1) are the perfect frame for this lovely “gather” sign. Uniquely shaped and in various natural wood shades, the boards stand out against the white backsplash, giving this kitchen a beautiful fall charm.

This simple dark wooden bowl (2) is a farmhouse staple – Layered with small faux pumpkins and a bright orange candle, the subdued arrangement is the perfect fall-focused addition to this classic kitchen.

Texture is another farmhouse element that makes for a cozy fall environment in the kitchen. Woven placemats and wicker baskets are a great way to add texture to your kitchen. Easily dress up textural elements with leaves, candles, faux pumpkins, and more to fit your style. We love how this woven placemat (3) stands out beneath an elongated mug, burnt red vase, white pumpkins, and an autumn candle!

The use of texture in this countertop arrangement shows off a wicker basket (4) behind a bright orange autumn sign and a bronze teapot.

You can seamlessly add farmhouse elements into any kitchen design to give your decor a fresh fall finish!


3. Gourds Galore

Decorating with gourds is an effortless way to incorporate the Autumn season into your kitchen. Gourds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can fit just about anywhere! Place gourds on open shelving, in wicker baskets, or even behind glass panel cabinets to score a subtle fall flair to your space.

We love the open shelves in this kitchen (1) accented with gourds in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The open shelves showcase gourds staggering down to the countertop, creating a stunning fall aesthetic in this kitchen.

Tiny pumpkins are used in this kitchen (2) to accent bright green and white dishes behind a glass panel cabinet. The bright orange pumpkins add the perfect pop of fall color and are a great way to smoothly incorporate the season into your kitchen.

This gourd centric display (3) is the perfect way to bring the autumn season to life in your kitchen. The muted colored gourds, secured in a natural wood bowl, pair beautifully with faux greenery to ready this kitchen table for the season.

A display of gourds (4) in this classic kitchen mixes colors, shapes, and sizes to create a show-stopping focal point. The stunning arrangement combines orange leaves, a glass terrarium, and faux moss to create the perfect autumn atmosphere.

4. Plush Accessories

Scarves, blankets, and pillows aren’t just for getting cozy on a crisp fall day! Instead of storing them out of site, consider adding them as decoration in the kitchen. These plush accessories add the perfect homey feel and are easily incorporated into any space.

We love the use of a blanket cozy kitchen (1) to accent a barstool with a knit blanket to give the space a warm and welcoming fall feel.

A plaid pillow and plush blanket give this kitchen’s dining set the perfect autumn accent. Topped with a little cloth pumpkin, you can’t get any cozier!

You can never go wrong when decorating for fall with plaid! Draping a plaid scarf over a dining chair is the perfect finishing touch to this kitchen’s (3) table setting. We can only imagine the fun fall festivities will happen here!

Knits are a simple yet beautiful element to add to your fall kitchen decor lineup. We love the chunky knitted blanket in this kitchen (4), giving it a warm and cozy feel.

5. Fall-Centric Centerpiece

A beautiful centerpiece is the perfect finishing touch to a fall focused kitchen. Your centerpiece can be as unique as your heart desires and created with elements you probably already own! Create your centerpiece by gathering an assortment of fall items in various colors and materials, and arrange atop a wooden serving tray. Organize pumpkins, gourds, candles, faux leaves, and any other fall pieces you desire around your tallest item and watch as your centerpiece comes to life!

A vase full of faux greens (1) is a beautiful focal point in this fall arrangement. The vase is paired with a glass pumpkin and silver candle atop a wooden serving tray, creating a stunning island centerpiece.

A stout glass vase filled with wheat partners beautifully with fall flowers and ceramic pumpkins, anchored on a wooden serving tray (2), makes up this beautiful display.

We love this arrangement (3) centered on a circular wooden tray, made up of a fall scarf, ceramic pumpkin, fresh greens, and an autumn candle.

This elegant autumn centerpiece (4) is one of our favorites! Pale pumpkins set atop a white ceramic cutting board couples beautifully with a white vase full of fresh sunflowers. The bright fall arrangement gives this kitchen island a gorgeous, cozy glow.

No matter what pieces you choose to create your own arrangement, we’re certain it will turn out beautifully and become a stunning focal point to your kitchen.

Stay stylish for fall

Your kitchen will be fresh for fall with the tips offered in this blog! We hope you found some new decorating ideas and sparked your creativity for the new season. Stayed tuned for more decorating, design, and remodeling resources to come!

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