Calacatta Gold: Styling The Trendiest Quartz Countertop Of The Year

Calacatta Gold is more than just a countertop. The beautiful white quartz material is truly a work of art when featured in any design. Certain to make a statement, Et Calacatta Gold quartz is an integral part of Silestone’s Eternal Collection. Considered as one of the year’s trendiest countertop materials, homeowners and designers alike love Calacatta Gold. The stone’s elegant appearance, gorgeous coloring, and sophisticated pattern have caused the quartz material to skyrocket in popularity. Which has resulted in more and more homeowners searching for ways to style Calacatta Gold quartz countertops in their own kitchen and bathroom designs. So if you’ve been considering Calacatta Gold for your home, keep reading to learn our favorite ways to style the material!


calacatta gold

 The quartz countertop material of an interior designer’s dream.

No matter your style, Calacatta Gold quartz countertops are a beautiful choice for kitchen and bath designs. Popular for shower floors, accent walls, backsplashes, and more, the gorgeous countertop material features a bright white base color beneath light gray, beige, and gold veins. The diverse quartz countertop color allows homeowners to accent their kitchen with gold, black, chrome, brushed nickel, or silver. Which creates a wide array of opportunities for making a truly one of a kind design. We’ll go over some of our best styling and design concepts to give you some ideas and inspiration for bringing your dream home to life with Calacatta Gold quartz countertops.

These are our five favorite ways to style Calacatta Gold Quartz Countertop!

5 Ways To Style Calacatta Gold Quartz Countertops:

1. Elegant Entry

2. Spa Sanctuary

3. Streamlined Kitchen

4. Creamy Cabinets

5. Waterfall Island


As one of the most popular white countertop materials on the market, Et Calacatta Gold is certain to impress. From an elegant entryway to a beautiful, waterfall island, we’re so excited to share some inspiring Calacatta Gold quartz designs!

Style 1 – Calacatta Gold Elegant Entryway

Calacatta Gold is stunning when used for large areas like accent walls and flooring. We love using the beautiful quartz material in a home’s entryway to create an elegant feel upon entering. The Eternal quartz material by Silestone features the perfect pattern to pair with a bold accent wall. Specifically, an accent wall with a warm color palette, as shown here, in this design. What’s more, is how the warm accent lights make the stone’s golden beige coloring pop and give off a lovely, welcoming appeal.


Style 2 – Silestone’s Calacatta Gold Spa Sanctuary

Who doesn’t dream of having their own spa sanctuary at home? Calacatta Gold is the perfect countertop material for bringing that dream to life and creating a stunning bathroom oasis. The quartz material features soothing hues that would put anyone at ease. Gold hardware pairs beautifully with the stone’s golden and bronze undertones, which creates a calming effect, apparent in this design. To make your space even more relaxing, add greenery to your design.



Style 3 – Streamlined Calacatta Gold Kitchen

Calacatta Gold is perfect for a modern kitchen design. The quartz material’s beautiful white base coloring and subtle pattern add sophistication to any contemporary kitchen. We love Calacatta Gold for kitchen countertops because it can pair beautifully with gold and silver. As shown in this design with silver backsplash, hardware, and stainless steel appliances. The gorgeous Silestone quartz is one of our best-selling countertop materials and is the perfect solution for those who wish to create a streamlined kitchen design.


Style 4 – Creamy Cabinets In Calacatta Gold Master Bath

Timeless and tasteful, Calacatta Gold is the perfect choice for the master bathroom. The gorgeous and elegant stone pairs beautifully with creamy cabinets and soft lighting. As shown in this design with shaker-style cabinets and a floating vanity, we love the light quartz for how it can open up a space and create a relaxing appeal. Homeowners and designers alike gravitate towards Calacatta Gold quartz for master baths because it is not only beautiful but durable, and can provide lasting beauty for years to come.

Style 5 – A Calacatta Gold Waterfall Island 

Waterfall islands are one of today’s hottest trends in kitchen design. Created by bringing a countertop’s edge to meet the floor, waterfall islands add beauty and refinement to an interior. Calacatta Gold is a very popular choice for creating a contemporary waterfall island. The quartz material is particularly ideal for homeowners who wish to mix metals in their kitchen and utilize a combination of gold and silver accents. As shown in this design with gorgeous, light gray cabinets, a uniquely patterned accent wall, and beautiful gold fixtures. Calacatta Gold By Silestone is the perfect countertop for pulling together the unique design elements into one cohesive interior.



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We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to style one of our best-selling quartz countertops in your home. Keep in mind, there are so many ways to create a beautiful kitchen or bathroom design with Calacatta Gold by Silestone. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how you can achieve your own unique look. Or check out our Kitchen and Bath Visualizers to see how Calacatta Gold will pair with different backsplashes, cabinet colors, tile floors, and more!
For all your home remodeling needs, our team is here to help you bring your dream home to life. Contact us today to learn more about our countertop offering.

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