Quartz Countertop Colors

Quartz Countertops Colors

The possibilities are endless when it comes to quartz countertops colors! Quartz countertops colors range from lights and whites to dark browns and blacks. Offering a wide variety of colors to suit virtually any design style. However, with so many quartz countertops color combinations to choose from it can be hard to decide on the perfect fit. To help get you started on your search, we’re breaking down the most popular colors of quartz countertops and showing off some gorgeous quartz countertop designs. We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration for your own home and help you find the right quartz countertop color to fit your style!

Quartz Countertops Colors


Quartz continues to be one of the most popular countertop materials in the kitchen and bath remodeling world. And for good reason!

The countertop material offers homeowners long-lasting beauty, excellent durability, and a wide variety of patterns and hues to choose from.

Arguably, the best part about quartz countertops is that they are man-made, which means quartz countertops colors can be customized to fit each homeowners’ unique vision. So, whether you’re someone who prefers bright and white or someone who loves a dark and dramatic look, there’s a quartz countertop color for you!

What Colors Do Quartz Countertops Come In?

Color Catagories Of Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops come in a variety of colors, hues, and patterns. The engineered stone offers homeowners the ability to color match their quartz countertops to pair with their cabinets, flooring, or any other design elements.

As far as what colors quartz countertops come in, there are too many to feature in just one article. So today, we’ve broken them down into four main color categories.

We’ll be sharing some of the most popular quartz materials for each of the main quartz countertops color categories!

Quartz Color Categories

What Are The Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors?

Without further ado, let’s get into the most popular colors for quartz countertops!

1. White/Light Quartz Countertops Colors

White, ivory, cream, and other light-colored quartz materials add elegance and light to a space. White quartz countertops also do an excellent job of making a room appear bigger and feel brighter.

Light quartz countertops are rising in popularity due to modern interior designs trending towards a minimalist style. White quartz countertops are also popular because of the various patterns and shades available. This diversity of white quartz materials makes it easy to match them to your preferred color scheme and style!

Check out some of our favorite and most popular white/light quartz countertops colors.


Classic Calacatta Quartz

Classic Calacatta by Silestone presents thick gray veins that wave throughout the white quartz countertop. The fan-favorite has the ability to add a bright, clean feel to any space while creating a sophisticated appeal. Classic Calacatta quartz is commonly used in luxury bathroom, kitchen, and home remodels.

Classic Calacatta Quartz


Lusso Quartz

Lusso quartz by Silestone has a soft, white/gray base coloring and a gorgeous pattern consisting of gold, charcoal, and bronze veins. The beautiful Lusso quartz provides a fresh feel to a space, making it a favorite among interior designers and homeowners.

Lusso Quartz


Mica Quartz

Mica quartz by Viatera continues is a very faint grey quartz countertop that features pale white veining throughout. Known for being an elegant quartz material, we love Mica for adding a touch of luxury to a design. Mica is also known as a popular choice for kitchens, offices, bathrooms, foyers, and virtually any space.

Mica Quartz


Aria Quartz Countertop

Aria quartz by Viatera consistently finds itself on our best-seller list, and for good reason! The dynamic quartz countertop offers a light beige base coloring with a distinct pattern of charcoal, taupe, and beige veining. Aria quartz is a very versatile quartz color that is known to be extremely popular among interior designers.

Aria Quartz


Et Calacatta Gold Quartz

Et Clacatta Gold quartz by Silestone continues to be one of our most popular countertop materials. The quartz material features strong veins of gray, gold, and light beige that present beautifully atop the stark white surface. Et Calacatta Gold is a common choice for all-white kitchens, as and offers a large pattern that is perfect for waterfall countertops, large backsplashes, showers, flooring, and other major design elements.

Et Calacatta Gold Quartz


Clarino Quartz

Clarino quartz by Viatera is an elegant quartz color that offers a subtle, yet stunning pattern that is certainly showstopping. The quartz countertop color consists of a light, creamy base and features gold, gray, and bronze veining. The lacey quartz material pairs beautifully with warm and cool color pallets and adds a welcoming feel to any space.

clarino quartz


Everest Quartz

Everest quartz by Viatera is a one of a kind quartz countertop color that features a large and dynamic pattern. The beautiful quartz material presents large mineral deposits in different shades of gray, beige, and taupe atop the countertop’s bright white base. The trendy countertop is a fashionable fit for contemporary design styles. Specifically, for creating breathtaking kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Everest Quartz


Minuet Quartz

Minuet quartz by Viatera is one of the most timeless and luxurious quartz countertop colors that presents a soft, creamy base coloring beneath faint veins of chocolate brown, gray, and beige. The white quartz material features a lace-like pattern that pairs well with nearly any color palette. Popular among interior designers and homeowners, Minuet quartz countertops help to create elegant kitchen and bathroom designs.

Minuet Quartz


Rococo quartz by Viatera is by far one of the most popular quartz countertop colors available today. The contemporary quartz material presents a distinct, yet subtle pattern that features light gray and beige veins. The stone’s stunning design is perfect for any modern interior. Designers and homeowners alike love Rococo quartz for large kitchen islands, accent walls, and beautiful flooring. Rococo Quartz


Blanco Zeus Quartz

Blanco Zeus quartz by Silestone is as crisp, clean, and sophisticated as quartz countertop colors come. The beautiful stone shines brightly in all interiors and contributes a classy feel to any design. The timeless beauty evokes elegance and sophistication with a pattern so subtle it appears stark white. The beautiful Blanco Zeus certainly lives up to its name and helps create flawless kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Blanco Zeus


Blanco Norte Quartz

Blanco Norte quartz by Silestone features a creamy white base coloring beneath a pattern of soft, neutral speckles. The pebble-like pattern adds a mild and inviting appeal that differs from other quartz countertop colors. Blanco Norte pairs beautifully with warm and cool color palettes and is perfect for creating elegant kitchen or bathroom designs.

Blanco Norte


Cirrus Quartz

Cirrus quartz by Viatera is a sparkling beauty. In fact, the bright stone is one of the most popular white quartz countertop colors available. The elegant quartz countertop material presents a cool, white base coloring and subtle sparkles of white. Perfect for luxurious master baths and sophisticated kitchens, we love Cirrus for its versatility. Cirrus quartz is an overall fabulous quartz material that is certain to help create a jaw-dropping design.

Cirrus Quartz

Dolce Calacatta Quartz

Dolce quartz by Viatera is a showstopping quartz countertop material that is perfect for creating beautiful accent walls, stunning waterfall islands, and luxurious bathrooms. The creamy, white base lies beneath a pattern of faint, neutral flecks and beige veins. The stone’s stunning pattern differs from any other quartz countertop colors, making it a truly unique choice. Famous for its ability to pair well with any color palette Dolce offers homeowners a great base for an elegant design.

Dolce Calacatta Quartz

2. Black/Dark Quartz Countertops Colors

Black, dark brown, and rich charcoal-colored quartz materials offer a bold and dramatic countertop choice to homeowners. Black quartz countertops continue to rise in popularity, and we can see why! Known for creating beautiful focal points in any kitchen or bathroom design, dark quartz countertops are seen more and more in today’s modern interior designs.

Black quartz countertops hide dust and dirt easily, making them especially great for heavily-trafficked areas.

Check out some of the most popular black/dark quartz countertops colors.


Basso Quartz

Basso quartz by Viatera features a dark charcoal bedrock with elements of deep, chocolate brown creating a virtually black quartz countertop color. Known for being a dramatic quartz material, Basso quartz is one of the most popular dark quartz countertop colors available. The beautiful dark stone is an excellent choice for kitchen islands, wet bars, and luxurious bathroom spas.

Basso Quartz


Carbo Quartz

Carbo quartz by Viatera is one of our favorite dark quartz countertop colors because of its ability to create dramatic and bold focal points in interior designs. The rich, black quartz material features a pattern of thin white veins and deep, black mineral deposits. Those in the interior design industry know when they need a statement-making countertop, Carbo quartz is the way to go.

Carbo Quartz


Charcoal Soapstone Quartz

Charcoal Soapstone quartz by Silestone is one of the most popular dark quartz countertop colors. The soft, gray veins featured throughout Charcoal Soapstone quartz make up the countertop material’s gorgeous pattern, which is perfect for kitchen islands, fireplace surrounds, and accent walls. Known for creating bold interior designs, Charcoal Soapstone is a favorite among dark quartz countertop colors for both homeowners and interior designers alike.

Charcoal Soapstone Quartz


Et Marquina Quartz

Et Marquina quartz by Silestone is a dramatic and bold quartz countertop color that is famous for creating stunning interior designs. The black quartz material’s pattern consists of elegant white veining and is certain to make an impact in any kitchen or bathroom design. For those who love drama and are searching through dark quartz countertop colors to find the perfect fit, Et Marquina will stand out among the rest as a one of a kind choice.

Et Marquina Quartz


Et Noir Quartz

Et Noir quartz by Silestone is another favorite among black quartz countertop materials. The dynamic stone features gold, white, and silver veining, which add a modern aesthetic to any design. Perfect for large design elements, such as kitchen islands, accent walls, flooring, backsplashes, and more, Et Noir is one of the most powerful quartz countertop colors and is certain to stun.Et Noir Quartz


Iconic Black quartz by Silestone is just that, iconic. The black quartz is often featured in modern designs and pairs beautifully with both light and dark cabinetry. Iconic black is one of the most versatile quartz countertop colors available and adds a dramatic and bold element to any space. Commonly used in kitchen and bathroom designs, Iconic Black is the perfect canvas for creating a one of a kind interior.

Iconic Black Quartz


 Nocturne Quartz

Nocturne quartz by Viatera presents a rich, brown bedrock beneath a striking and dominant pattern. Known as one of the most unique quartz countertop colors, Nocturne features gold, bronze, and white veins that move throughout the chocolate stone. Nocturne is a very popular quartz countertop among homeowners for both kitchen and bathroom designs.

Nocturne Quartz


Stellar Negro Quartz

Stellar Night quartz by Silestone is a famously showstopping quartz material that stands out among other dark quartz countertop colors. The beautiful black stone features unique sparkling elements throughout its subtle pattern and shines when in light. Stellar Night is a popular choice among homeowners and designers for modern and contemporary interior designs.

Stellar Night Quartz

3. Grey Quartz Countertops Colors

Grey-colored quartz is a truly one of a kind quartz countertop option and is famous for adding a modern feel to any space. From concrete-like designs to more granite-like patterns, grey quartz countertops offer great versatility to fit your unique style.

From light, smokey quartz to dark, charcoal coloring, grey quartz countertops come in a wide variety of hues and patterns perfect for any bathroom or kitchen design.

These are our favorite grey quartz countertops colors!


Quartz Countertops Colors

Marengo quartz by Silestone is a smokey gray quartz countertop material that features specklings of charcoal, black, brown, and white throughout its intricate pattern. As one of our favorite grey quartz countertop colors for kitchen and bathroom designs, Marengo adds a crisp and clean appeal to any space, making it an outstanding choice among homeowners and designers alike.

Marengo Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

The beautiful Ocean Storm by Silestone is a truly one of a kind quartz countertop color consisting of a dramatic and bold pattern. The stunning quartz material features a dark blue-gray base coloring with green undertones that create a dynamic quartz material fit for any contemporary design. Ocean Storm has consistently been on the best-sellers list for its unique beauty and versatile color palette.

Ocean Storm Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Altair quartz by Silestone presents a deep gray base coloring and is known for being very popular among the grey quartz countertop colors available. The beautiful quartz material features swirls of the faintest white throughout its subtle pattern and pairs beautifully in any modern design. Altair is known for making a statement when used for kitchen islands, accent walls, backsplashes, and other major design elements.

Altair Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Thunder Storm quartz by Viatera is truly a striking quartz countertop color that resembles clouds rolling through the night sky. The gray base coloring lies beneath dark charcoal and rich chocolate veins, creating dynamic movement throughout the stone’s pattern. Thunder Storm is a fan-favorite for all-white kitchens, modern master baths, and even dramatic foyers.

Thunder Storm Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Arion quartz by Viatera is by far one of our most loved new quartz countertop materials. The remarkable stone is one of the newest grey quartz countertop colors available and is gaining popularity fast. Arion presents bright white veining and soft white flecks atop a light gray base coloring and is well known as an elegant choice for modern kitchen and bathroom designs. Arion quartz is certain to make a statement in any space.

Arion Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Aura quartz by Viatera is a dynamic countertop material that pairs beautifully with nearly any color palette. The striking gray quartz countertop color features a luminous pattern of soft gray, light beige, and faint white, which creates a gorgeous focal point to any design.

Aura Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Coda quartz by Viatera features a faint gray base coloring with speckles of charcoal and dark brown throughout the stone’s pattern. The gorgeous material is a favorite among grey quartz countertop colors and offers a beautiful dimension to interior designs and truly shines when paired with other white design elements.

Coda Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Encore quartz by Viatera is a favorite among interior designers for its cool gray coloring that pairs beautifully with both light and dark cabinets. The stunning material is one of the most popular gray quartz countertop colors and features a dynamic pattern that moves throughout the stone, adding a unique element to any interior design.

Encore Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Lagoon quartz by Silestone is a popular choice among grey quartz countertops colors and offers a unique pattern of both gray and gold veins. The show-stopping quartz material is a perfect fit for any design style and is a favorite among interior designers. From modern and contemporary to classic and traditional, Lagoon is the perfect countertop for creating a one of a kind kitchen design.

Lagoon Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

Lento quartz by Viatera is one of our favorite gray quartz countertop colors. Featuring a cool, gray base coloring, Lento is a favorite among grey quartz countertop colors. The unique stone is as beautiful as it is subtle, and is an exquisite choice for a contemporary kitchen, modern master bath, striking foyer, or even a bold accent wall.

Lento Quartz

Nimbus quartz by Viatera features an intricate pattern of gray and beige flecks, which create a stunning countertop material fit for any kitchen or bathroom design. When it comes to gray quartz countertop colors, Nimbus is one of the most unique and is a beautiful countertop choice to pair with both cool and warm color palettes.

Nimbus Quartz


Quartz Countertops Colors

It’s no surprised Smoked Pearl is on our best sellers list! After all, when it comes to grey quartz countertop colors, the gorgeous Smoked Pearl by Viatera is oh so elegant and luxurious. Featuring a soft gray base coloring, Smoked Pearl is perfect for creating a beautiful kitchen island, subtle bathroom accent wall, or even a gorgeous fireplace surrounding.

Smoked Pearl Quartz

Tenor quartz by Viatera is loved for its big, bold pattern and unique coloring. One of the most popular grey quartz countertop colors available, Tenor offers a striking dimension to any kitchen or bathroom interior and is often used as a design focal point. Tenor is one of our favorite quartz countertop colors due to its versatility and beauty. When looking to make a statement in any home, Tenor is certain to satisfy.

Tenor Quartz

4. Brown/Tan Quartz Countertop Colors

Brown and tan quartz materials offer homeowners and designers a gorgeous, neutral countertop choice perfect for creating stunning interiors. Tan and brown quartz countertops are a beautiful choice for warm color palettes and traditional style designs.

Brown quartz countertops offer a similar appearance to granite countertops, with the same durability and longevity of quartz. This makes brown and tan quartz countertops extremely popular in the design world.

These are some of the most popular brown/tan quartz countertop colors!


Quartz Countertop Colors

Royal Teak quartz by Viatera is an intense and dramatic countertop material featuring a pebble-like pattern of natural colors. One of the most dynamic quartz countertop colors available, Royal Teak is a beautiful addition to any traditional design and offers the appearance of granite with the durability and longevity of quartz.

Royal Teak Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Alpina White quartz by Viatera is a favorite among quartz countertop colors and features a warm color palette of neutral colors. The beautiful quartz material’s granite-like pattern is popular among traditional kitchen and bathroom designs. As well as transitional designs that combine classic and modern elements.

Alpina White Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Bamboo quartz by Silestone presents a soft beige base coloring and a granite-like pattern of neutral-colored mineral deposits. The warm quartz countertop color stuns in traditional kitchen designs and is a beautiful choice for a kitchen island or accent wall.

Bamboo Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Coral Clay Colour quartz by Silestone has a soft, beige base coloring and intricate pattern of cream, charcoal, beige, and brown flecks throughout. Furthermore, the beautiful light tan quartz color is popular among both contemporary and traditional interiors due to its neutral color palette. Coral Clay offers homeowners a beautiful canvas for creating a one of a kind design.

Coral Clay Colour Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Emperador quartz by Silestone is a stunning dark brown quartz material that showcases a rich brown base coloring beneath a gorgeous pattern. The chocolate quartz material features beautiful cream veins along with flecks of gold, bronze, and silver throughout its pattern. Emperador is a famously unique quartz countertop color that makes a statement in any interior design.

Emperador Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Forest Stone quartz by Silestone is a beautiful countertop that features a granite-like pattern and pairs beautifully with both dark and light cabinets. We love Forest Snow for being a great fit for virtually any color palette.

Forest Snow Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Iron Bark quartz by Silestone is a love soft brown quartz material that pairs beautifully with light and dark cabinets. Additionally, neutral quartz countertop color is among one of the most popular brown surface materials and is often used in both traditional and contemporary designs.

Iron Bark Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

The elegant Lena quartz by Silestone is a favorite among interior designers for its beautiful soft beige coloring. Lena is a subtle quartz countertop color that offers a versatile canvas for a sophisticated kitchen or bathroom design.

Lena Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Pacifica quartz by Silestone is a remarkable quartz material that presents a unique and bold pattern. The quartz color features various shades of gold, bronze, taupe, and white that swim throughout the stone’s surface. Pacifica is a popular choice among homeowners for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and even dramatic backsplashes.

Pacifica Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Sienna Ridge quartz by Silestone features a soft tan base color beneath a speckled pattern of neutral-colored mineral deposits. The gorgeous quartz presents a stunning pebble-like pattern of natural-colored mineral deposits atop a soft tan base coloring. Sienna Ridge pairs beautifully with traditional style designs and is a beautiful choice for kitchen or bathroom designs.

Sienna Ridge Quartz


Quartz Countertop Colors

Unsui quartz by Silestone presents a nearly solid, dark beige base coloring with a subtle pattern of chocolate specklings. The lovely tan quartz countertop color pairs beautifully with both light and dark cabinetry and is known for being a versatile countertop choice. Interior designers and homeowners alike love Unsui for its ability to work well in traditional and contemporary style designs.

Unsui Quartz

Quartz is an excellent countertop material for any interior design due to its low-maintenance, durability, and lasting beauty. MKD is proud to offer the most popular quartz countertops colors to our customers and provide not only excellent fabrication and installation services but also the best quality materials.

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