Kitchen Countertop Trends For 2022

What are the top countertop trends for 2022? We’re sharing the trends we are seeing take off in the kitchen and bath design world. From quartz and granite waterfall islands to custom outdoor countertops, whether you’re working on a new build or starting your next remodel – Keep reading to learn the kitchen countertop trends that will help you take your renovation to the next level.

The Latest Kitchen Countertop Trends

When it comes to the kitchen, countertops are one of the most impactful design elements.

After all, they cover all workable surface area in the kitchen and are the true foundation of any kitchen design. Which makes the material, pattern, and finish you select for your countertop extremely important. These countertop qualities allow you to customize your surface material so that it will reflect your personal style and bring together your design. Each of these countertop trend offers a unique way to customize your kitchen or bathroom countertops to complete the vision you have for your home. These are the latest kitchen countertop trends you can expect to see emerging in 2022.

Our Top Kitchen Countertop Trends For 2022:

1. Quartz

2. Honed Vs. Polish

3. Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

4. Contemporary Concrete

5. Color & Contrast

6. Bold Patterns

7. Waterfall Islands

kitchen countertop trends for 2021

1. Quartz Is King

To no surprise, quartz is first on our list and is still reining as the number one kitchen countertop choice.

The non-porous kitchen countertop material is famously resistant against bacteria, stains, heat, and scratches. On top of that, quartz is extremely low maintenance and highly durable – Making it an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. What’s more? Since quartz is a man-made material, it can be customized to any pattern, color, or finish you prefer, which makes it the perfect material for homeowners who wish to bring a distinct vision to life. For more on quartz countertop colors and the rising stars we’ve been seeing this year check out our color guide here.

quartz kitchen countertop trend

2. Honed Vs. Polished

The finish you choose for your kitchen countertops can add a unique touch to your design.

Choosing between a honed/matte countertop finish or a glossy finish is an important step on the route to creating your ideal kitchen design. A honed, also known as a matte finish, features minimal to no shine. While a polished finish may be the most popular, we will definitely see a lot more countertops with a honed finish in 2022. This rising trend is gaining popularity fast and we can see why! You can apply a honed finish to various different countertop materials, including quartz, marble, and granite. Plus, a honed countertop finish conceals marks and scratches well due to its absence of shine. A honed countertop finish is perfect for solidifying a modern design and adding a sophisticated appeal to your kitchen.

honed countertop finishhoned countertop finish

3. Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Backyard kitchens and outdoor countertops are at the top of many wish-lists this year, as homeowners are looking to make the most of the great outdoors in 2022.

Outdoor countertops are trending this year due to a rise in people wanting to spend more time out of the house, with many investing in creating environments for outdoor enjoyment. An outdoor kitchen is a great way to make the most of your home’s exterior space, and benefit from being in nature. The advancements in technology and material quality allow for beautiful backyard kitchen designs that are made to last. MKD’s Signature Outdoor Countertop Collection features a number of stunning stone materials perfect for outdoor countertops, patio surrounds, bar areas, and more.

outdoor countertop trends

4. Contemporary Concrete

Concrete countertops are ideal for creating a refined, modern aesthetic.

Concrete isn’t a material you typically see in the kitchen, but in 2022 concrete look-a-like materials definitely will be. As industrial designs increase in popularity, concrete-like countertops are in high demand. The bold style is perfect for bringing a contemporary design to life. Concrete countertops add a textural element to a space and due to their high durability and low maintenance, are excellent for the kitchen. Dekton from Cosentino features a wide range of concrete looking countertop materials that make a perfect option to create a similar aesthetic. For more inspiration and various concrete countertop ideas check out these unique designs, or visit our inspiring gray quartz countertop styling guide!

5. Color & Contrast

Colored countertops add contrast and light to brighten up your kitchen.

Colored countertops are one of our favorite kitchen countertop trends for 2022 and allow you to play with color to create a one-of-a-kind design. Playing with color in the kitchen is always a great idea, but colored countertops can take your kitchen to the next level. Color countertops can add contrast to your kitchen and act as a beautiful focal point to your design. Whether you prefer a rich red or a bold blue, the colored countertop trend will certainly create a vibrant and fun environment in your home.

colored kitchen countertop trend

6. Subtle Patterns

When it comes to kitchen countertop patterns, less is certainly more.

As design styles trend towards minimalism, it’s no surprise that realistic and subtle countertop patterns are gaining popularity. Perfect for creating an elegant and sophisticated design, a minimal pattern is ideal for those who prefer a modern aesthetic in their kitchen. No matter what color scheme or design preferences you have, a countertop with a beautiful and realistic pattern will add a subtle, yet artistic appeal to your kitchen. Subtle countertop patterns can also make your kitchen look more expensive and give it a luxurious feel. Choosing from the latest in-demand quartz countertop brands is the perfect way to ensure you find the right stone to fit your vision.

realistic pattern kitchen countertop trends

7. Waterfall Islands

Waterfall islands are a gorgeous and creative kitchen countertop trend that we can expect to see a lot more of in 2022.

Seen as a focal point in any kitchen, a waterfall island is a kitchen countertop trend that adds beauty, elegance, and uniqueness to a design. Waterfall islands feature a unique countertop edge that cascades from the countertop’s surface to the kitchen floor, creating a beautiful canvas to display your chosen material. We absolutely love this trend because it adds a luxurious feel to a design and creates an artistic focal point that is certain to turn heads. We love adding an integrated sink to a kitchen island, check out the pros and cons of integrated sink design here.

We hope you enjoyed learning the latest and greatest kitchen countertop trends for 2022! If you’re looking for more information on kitchen design and remodeling, contact us today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you bring your vision to life. Or check out our Kitchen and Bath Visualizers to see how various countertops will pair with different cabinet colors, backsplashes, tile floors, and more!
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