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Have you heard? Gray quartz countertops are in, and we mean really in. Gray quartz countertops provide the perfect contemporary finish to any interior. In fact, gray quartz countertops are a favorite among builders, interior designers, and homeowners alike for today’s modern kitchen and bathroom designs. A gray quartz countertop can take a design to the next level of style, and give you the opportunity to add a unique personal touch to your home.

Whether you prefer a soft, faint gray or a rich, dark gray coloring, there are many hues and various shades to choose from when selecting your gray quartz countertop. Gray quartz is an overall neutral material that pairs seamlessly with nearly any design style, so it’s a great option for those who like to change up their decor often.

Gray Quartz Countertops

The versatile countertop option is perfect for adding a cool, fresh feel to your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or any other room in your home. However, with the vast selection of gray quartz countertop colors, patterns, shades, and styles to choose from, finding the right fit isn’t easy. To help you narrow down which gray quartz countertops will look best in your home, we’re sharing a few of our favorite materials. We hope you’ll find inspiration and discover ways you can incorporate gray quartz countertops in your next interior design project!

Dark Gray Quartz Countertops

When considering gray quartz countertops, you’ll likely come across colors that range from soft, nearly white gray, to deep, dark charcoal gray. All hues are beautiful and can be an excellent addition to any home, but today we’re sharing our top six dark gray quartz colors. All colors are available now at from two of the industry’s top quartz countertop brands – Silestone and LG Viatera. 


Dark Gray Quartz Colors

Basso by LG Viatera

Tenor by LG Viatera

Cemento Spa by

Marengo by Silestone

Carbo by LG Viatera

Charcoal Soapstone by Silestone

dark gray quartz


For a modern kitchen island, try  Basso or Tenor for the perfect on-trend look. Silestone’s Cemento Spa is another great quartz for a contemporary kitchen perfect gray quartz for a contemporary-styled.

For an elegant, sleek surface area, try Marengo from Silestone’s catalog for an updated urban look. Carbo from LG Viatera’s line is another dark gray quartz countertop material that is absolutely stunning as a backsplash and countertop in this modern kitchen. While Charcoal Soapstone by Silestone is uniquely featured here as a table and countertop.

Light Gray Quartz Countertops

On the other side of the coin, we have light gray quartz countertops. The softer-colored gray quartz material is the perfect neutral countertop color for any modern interior design. We often see light gray quartz in farmhouse-style kitchens, modern master baths, backyard barbeque areas, and more. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down our top six light gray quartz countertop colors to inspire your design and spark your creativity.


Light Gray Quartz Colors

Serena by Silestone

Desert Silver by Silestone

Classic Clacatta by Silestone

Lento by LG Viatera

Kensho by Silestone

Nimbus by LG Viatera

Serena is a new light gray quartz countertop material by LG Viatera that offers a crisp, modern look in this kitchen design. The stone is a gorgeous choice that pairs well with gold, silver, and matte black. Desert Silver is another favorite that is featured below, along with the beautiful Classic Calacactta, both by Silestone.

Additionally, we love Lento for a sleek, barely-gray look that brightens up this navy blue kitchen. As well as Nimbus and Kensho for a more subtle, soft gray coloring that pairs beautifully with white and cream cabinets.

Happy Remodeling!

We hope you found inspiration for how you can incorporate gray quartz countertops in your home! Be sure to check out our full catalog of gray quartz colors and browse additional unique stones. We also carry an array of grey granite countertops that offer additional patterns, colors, and styles! So be sure to check out our grey granite countertop catalog today!
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