Kitchen or bathroom remodel?

Should You Remodel Your Kitchen or Your Bathroom First?

Home Renovation: Increasing Value and Comfort

When considering the vast world of home renovations, two primary motivators often drive homeowners to take the plunge: the desire to enhance the value of their home and the pursuit of increased comfort and satisfaction in their living spaces. The journey of transforming a home is not just about aesthetic upgrades; it’s about smart, strategic planning that serves a dual purpose: Improving your quality of life and increasing the value of your home.


A well-considered renovation plan can significantly improve a homeowner’s quality of life. A kitchen with modern appliances, ample storage, and durable yet stylish materials like quartz countertops can be a joy to use and a selling point if you decide to move on. Similarly, a bathroom with water-efficient fixtures, bright lighting, and easy-to-clean surfaces can make the start and end of each day more pleasant while appealing to future buyers looking for a home that doesn’t need work.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, making it one of the best places to start renovations. Upgrades like adding more prep space, modern appliances, and functional pantries can significantly increase the home’s appeal. Kitchen remodels can provide a substantial return on your investment when selling a home (ROI), making them a top priority for homeowners looking to improve value and functionality​​.

Bathroom Renovation

Transforming a bathroom into a personal spa can not only improve daily comfort but also attract potential buyers. Modern buyers are looking for luxurious bathrooms with features like rain shower heads, double-sink vanities, and soaking tubs. Creating more space, either through an actual expansion or the strategic use of mirrors to give the illusion of more space, can significantly enhance the bathroom’s appeal​​.

Cost Comparison: Kitchen vs. Bathroom Remodeling Expenses

This depends in large part on your goal for the remodel: are you planning on making use of it for years to come, or if you are primarily remodeling to improve your home’s value?


If you’re selling soon: Think about what’ll make your place pop for potential buyers. Quick fixes like refreshing the paint, updating kitchen counters, or fixing up the bathroom can make a big difference. Keep it simple and stylish – you want to wow buyers without breaking the bank.


If you’re staying in the house for awhile: Then make your space all about you. Dreaming of a beautiful kitchen where you can cook, live, and enjoy yourself? Or maybe a bathroom that feels like a mini-spa? Your choice can be easily: whichever you like better and is in your budget!


Whether you’re selling soon or staying awhile, aim for changes that’ll last – both in quality and design. That way, you get the best bang for your buck, now or later.

Material Selection: Quartz Countertops and MSI Surfaces

Choosing the right materials can impact both the aesthetics and the value of the remodel. Quartz countertops and MSI surfaces are popular choices for both kitchens and bathrooms due to their durability and wide range of designs. They can mimic the look of natural stone without the same level of maintenance, making them a practical and attractive option for many homeowners​​.

Current Trends in Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

Staying abreast of current trends can also influence the value added by a remodel. For kitchens, trends may include smart appliances, open-concept designs, and sustainable materials. For bathrooms, spa-like features, including large showers with high-end fixtures, are popular. Integrating these trends with timeless design elements can create a space that appeals to a broad audience, potentially increasing the home’s value​​.

Countertop Choices: Granite, Quartzite, and MSI Options

Countertops play a pivotal role in both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen and bathroom. Granite offers natural beauty with each slab being unique, whereas quartzite is known for its durability and timeless appeal. MSI provides a range of surfaces, including quartz, that combine durability with a wide array of design options to complement any style​​.

MSI Flooring Solutions for Kitchens and Bathrooms

The choice of flooring should complement the overall design and be chosen early in the renovation process. MSI offers a variety of flooring solutions suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, including luxury laminate options that provide the look of natural wood and are practical for high-traffic areas. It’s important to choose flooring that aligns with the design, is durable, and meets the specific needs of the space​​.

Selecting the Right Quartz Countertop Colors

When choosing your quartz countertop colors, consider the interplay between your cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. These elements make up the majority of your kitchen’s color scheme. For a harmonious look, select two primary colors that complement each other and one accent color for added character. Bright whites, blacks, or bold colors suit contemporary spaces, while warmer, neutral tones are typical of traditional or farmhouse kitchens. 


For monochromatic schemes, focus on pattern, texture, and finishes to keep the space visually interesting. Additionally, lighting plays a significant role in how colors appear, so bring home samples to view under the different lighting conditions of your kitchen​​​​​​.

Final Verdict: Making the Decision to Remodel Kitchen or Bathroom First

Deciding whether to remodel your kitchen or bathroom first depends on various factors such as your budget, desired ROI, and personal needs. Kitchens can yield a higher ROI when selling as buyers prize a beautifully updated kitchen. However, bathrooms can be less expensive to remodel and can be tackled first if you have a tighter budget or if your bathroom is in more immediate need of an update. 


If you’re selling soon, consider the most bang you can get for your buck, and if you’r planning on calling your house home for years to come, consider your lifestyle and which space you feel will most significantly impact your daily living experience​​​​​​.

Use MKD For Your Home Remodeling Needs

Whether you’re leaning towards the sleek appeal of quartz countertops, contemplating a complete kitchen overhaul, or updating a bathroom to create a tranquil spa-like retreat, MKD Kitchen and Bath is equipped to guide you through every step of the process! Our seasoned professionals value your input and collaborate with you from start to finish.


By choosing MKD Kitchen and Bath, you’re not just getting a remodel; you’re investing in a transformation that will rejuvenate your living space and elevate your everyday experience. Don’t wait to make your ideal kitchen or bathroom a reality. Reach out to MKD Kitchen and Bath and take the first step towards a seamless and successful home renovation journey.

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