Kitchen Layout Types

Most Popular Kitchen Layouts: The Ultimate Guide

There are six kitchen layouts in interior design: U-Shaped, G-Shaped, L-Shaped, Galley, Island, and Peninsula. Selecting a layout for your kitchen will depend on the shape and size of your space. However, each layout can be tweaked and adjusted to accommodate most kitchen floor plans and sizes.

Deciding on a kitchen layout is one of the most crucial steps in any kitchen remodeling project. In fact, we consider it step number three in our Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Design. Which means you have a lot to think about when determining which layout will work for you. You want to think about your lifestyle, practicality, function, storage, and so much more when determining which kitchen layout is best for you and your family. To help you begin the kitchen design process, we’re breaking down the six different kitchen layouts so you can figure out which one will best suit you!

Kitchen Layout Types

So, what are the most popular kitchen layouts?

When it comes to the kitchen, you want a room that is beautiful and functional. With six different types of kitchen layout options to choose from, you’ll need to determine which one will best meet your needs and the overall design of your home.  In this Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Kitchen Layout, we’ll guide you through all of the most popular kitchen layouts to help you determine which one is best suited to your space.

Most Popular Kitchen Layout Types:

1. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

2. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

3. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

4. Galley Kitchen Layout

5. Island Kitchen Layout

6. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Decide on the best layout for your kitchen design.

Ready to determine which kitchen layout will work best for you? Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or looking to update your home’s current kitchen, deciding on a layout is a crucial step in any kitchen remodel.

If you plan to undergo structural changes, any of the following layouts should work for you! However, if you are sticking with your current kitchen floor plan, we’ll help you figure out which layout will work best. What’s more? We’ll go over exactly how to make each layout work for you!

1. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

U-Shaped kitchen layout

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

U-shaped kitchen layout
A U-shaped kitchen layout is famous for offering ample space for cabinetry.

In a U-shaped kitchen, three walls or partial walls, referred to as “legs,” leave one side open for an entry point or an open concept to the living or dining room.

The U-shaped layout works best for larger kitchens, as it features three distinct legs. However, can this layout can be effective in kitchens as small as 10X10 feet.

A U-shaped layout will feature an equal distribution of your major appliances, with your sink on one wall, oven on another, and refrigerator on the remaining wall. This creates a functional space with plenty of room for a useful “work triangle.” You’ll often see a U-shaped layout combined with a kitchen island or peninsula if the kitchen has room.

u shaped layout
U-shaped kitchen layout

How To Make A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Work:

A U-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for homeowners who wish to have an open floor plan. This type of kitchen layout features an efficient work triangle and more countertop space than any other type of layout, which is perfect for an amatuer chef.

Specifically, a U-shaped layout provides plenty of space next to the refrigerator and offers a practical floor plan. However, a U-shaped layout can feel closed in if not properly executed. To avoid a cramped feel, make sure to avoid installing upper cabinets on all three walls and instead select only one or two.

It’s also a great idea to have a work area on two of the three legs, to avoid any crowding or traffic in your kitchen.

You can make one leg of your layout into a peninsula that offers access from both sides in a larger kitchen, which is especially ideal for open concept floor plans.

For more on how to effectively utilize a U-shaped kitchen layout check out these tips.

2. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

G-shaped kitchen layout

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

The G-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for creating an open concept floor plan.

A G-shaped kitchen layout is similar to a U-shaped configuration. The difference is that a G-shaped layout features a partial fourth wall or peninsula, which turns the U-shape into a “G.” In a G-shaped kitchen, you’ll have a large amount of storage space and countertop surface area between the four legs.

G-shaped layouts are rising in popularity throughout the interior design world and often work best in small to medium-sized kitchens. This layout type is an excellent choice for homeowners who need additional seating, countertop surface area, or cabinet storage.

However, a G-shaped kitchen layout does not have to feature a peninsula and many homeowners choose to use the partial fourth wall for extra storage or workspace.

How To Make An G-Shaped Kitchen Work:

A G-shaped layout is perfect for an open concept style home. How you layout your G-shaped kitchen will depend mainly on how much space you have. To make the most of any size room, be sure to place upper cabinets on the sides that do not have a peninsula.

Your peninsula can work as a dining area if you have a smaller space, and you don’t want to crowd it with bulky cabinets.

In most medium-sized G-shaped kitchens, you’ll have plenty of room for two or more people to move around comfortably. As long as you have a practical work triangle set up.

You may also choose to use your peninsula for additional storage or surface area, which is ideal if you already have a dining room for seating and wish to use other areas of your home for entertaining.

3. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

lshaped kitchen

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout:

The L-Shaped kitchen layout is very popular due to its flexibility and efficiency.

An L-shaped kitchen layout offers a high level of flexibility and functionality. What’s more, an L-shaped layout is known for being very ergonomically efficient for workflow.

To create an L-shaped kitchen layout, you’ll need two walls of cabinets, perpendicular to one another. These walls, commonly referred to as “legs,” may vary in length, but one is usually longer than the other. However, they can be of equal in size. In an L-shaped kitchen, you’ll see two out of three main appliances on one wall with the third on another.

This layout type can be adapted to fit nearly any space and is exceptionally functional in a small kitchen. In fact, an L-shaped layout can work in a kitchen as little as 10X10 feet.

L-shaped kitchen layout
rune-enstad-UXFJ-6Zj27M-unsplash (1)

How To Make An L-Shaped Kitchen Work:

To make an L-shaped layout work for you, you’ll want to place upper cabinets along the longest leg of your design. This will give you much more storage and provide easy access to cookware.

If your L-shaped kitchen has legs of the same length, it’s best to place upper cabinets above the stove, which will also give you easy access to cooking supplies and provides plenty of space around the sink area.

To optimize your kitchen’s functionality, make sure your L-shaped layout includes an effective work triangle. With your oven, sink, and fridge placed on three points of a triangle to create an efficient workflow.

An island can also be added to an L-shaped kitchen design and is ideal for homeowners who wish to have additional seating and storage space.  

4. Galley Kitchen Layout

galley kitchen layout

Galley Kitchen Layout:

A galley kitchen layout is one of the most classic layouts, popular for small kitchen designs.

Galley kitchen layouts, commonly seen in older homes, consist of two parallel walls or countertops separated by an area of walking space. A galley kitchen does not typically have a dining area and offers less space than other layout types, so it may not be the best choice for entertaining.

However, a galley style kitchen has the sink and fridge placed on one side and the oven placed on the other, creating easy access to the most used appliances.

In a galley style kitchen design, cabinets are vital to making it a functional space. You won’t see corner cabinets in a galley kitchen, but you will see every inch of space utilized in this type of layout.

How To Make A Galley Kitchen Layout Work:

Galley kitchen layout

A galley kitchen layout is well known for providing ample storage space and plenty of countertop surface area.

To make a galley kitchen layout work for you, it’s a good idea to use one wall for a work/cook area instead of both. Doing so will help you avoid any congestion when there are multiple people in your kitchen.

Another great way to create a functional galley kitchen is to have a kitchen island or peninsula as one of your kitchen “walls.” An island or a peninsula will allow for additional seating space and a more open space.

If you have the room, you can decide not to close off your galley kitchen layout and opt for a more open floor plan. An open floor plan will increase function and enhance your kitchen’s overall usability.

However, if that is not an option for you, you can place the closed off side of your kitchen layout against a window or sliding glass door to let in light and open up your space.

For more galley kitchen layout ideas, check out these tips on how to plan a galley layout.

5. Island Kitchen Layout

Island Kitchen Layout

Island Kitchen Layout:

An island kitchen layout offers limitless possibilities.

An island layout is among the most coveted layout types in the kitchen design world. In fact, an island can be incorporated in nearly any layout type, as long as the space provides.

There is no “right” way to design an island kitchen layout. However, the island layout is ideal for large kitchens, as it requires a minimum of 36″ surrounding each side of the island. This space is necessary to give your appliances enough room to open and give you enough space to walk through.

An island kitchen layout offers plenty of countertop surface area, as well as additional storage due to the base of the island. Islands also can include an extended countertop, which offers additional seating.

island kitchen
Island Kitchen Layout

How To Make An Island Kitchen Layout Work:

To create an efficient workflow, you’ll want to place your island in the center of your kitchen floor plan. Allow for your island to be centered within steps of your stove, fridge, and sink. Doing so will give you easy access to your most-used appliances.

If you choose to extend your island’s countertop and add bar stools in a larger kitchen, you can typically fit up to four seats comfortably. This additional seating creates an ideal environment for entertaining.

The possibilities are nearly endless when planning a kitchen island layout. You can add a sink or stovetop to your island, a mini-fridge, or even install cabinet storage on all four sides.

6. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Peninsula Kitchen Layout:

Peninsula kitchen layouts offer optimal flexibility and function for a family kitchen.

Like a U-shaped layout, a peninsula kitchen layout involves adding a peninsula to extend your U-shaped layout into more of a G-shaped. While most U-shaped configurations have all three sides pushed up against a wall, peninsula layouts provide easy access from three sides. The peninsula is perfect for separating an open floor plan and creating a clean transition from your kitchen to the living or dining room.

A peninsula layout is ideal for homeowners who wish to have a kitchen island but have limited space. Since a peninsula offers similar functions to an island, like the option for additional storage or seating, it’s the perfect solution.

Peninsulas can also be combined with a kitchen island in large kitchens to create two seating areas and maximum storage and surface area.

How To Make A Peninsula Kitchen Work:

No matter how much space you have in your kitchen, a peninsula layout can work for you. When it comes to peninsulas, they can be as short or as long as you prefer, which gives you the flexibility to add a peninsula in nearly any sized kitchen.

If you prefer an open concept floor plan, a peninsula layout is an excellent choice. Your peninsula may be used to separate your kitchen from your dining or living room and allows you to entertain easily.

A peninsula kitchen layout creates the opportunity to add additional storage, countertop surface area, and seating, which is ideal for families and those who love to entertain.

What’s Next?

Choosing the perfect layout for your kitchen design can be an exciting opportunity to create your ideal space. We hope the examples and descriptions in this article help you in selecting which layout will work best for your.

To be fully prepared for a kitchen remodel, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Design blog! Where we go over everything for floor planningresearchdesign styles, and more to help you in your kitchen remodeling journey.

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