How To Increase Your Home’s Value If You Are Planning to Sell

increase your home's value

Planning to sell?


Learn how to up the value of your home with these simple tips to increase your home’s interior appeal.

If you’re looking to add value and style to your home before it goes on the market, there are some easy solutions to create a quick interior flip. From new kitchen countertops and cabinets to forward facing bathroom vanities and stone showers, these surprisingly inexpensive updates can make a major impact on your home’s market value.

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In the kitchen

1. New Stone Countertops

When it comes to selling your home at a great price, the details are what matter most to your home’s market value. Selecting a countertop that’s as stunning in design as it is transferable in style is a big key to ensuring home buyer’s will bite. That’s why we’ve curated a Signature Collection of countertop colors certain to pass any inspection. With a stunning selection of gorgeous granites and jaw-dropping quartz, these countertop materials will have everyone leaving your next open house blown away.

Increase Your Home's Value with Classic Calacatta Quartz
Increase Your Home's Value with Classic Calacatta Quartz
increase home value with cabinet refacing

2. Cabinet Refacing

One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to increase your home’s value is by refacing your cabinetry. Cabinet refacing is a 3-day process of transforming your current cabinetry layout with new door fronts and hinges, leaving behind a completely renewed look. With a limited budget, you can reface your kitchen cabinets to increase your overall home’s value and improve your return on investment when your home is sold.

Into the


3. Forward Facing Bathroom Vanity

Upgrading your bathrooms can do a lot for home and improve the overall value of your investment. Adding a little paint to your powder room along with a fresh vanity and stylish mirror will go a long way. Increasing your home’s value is all about aesthetic, function, and quality. You can enhance your home’s current bathroom designs with a beautiful stone countertop or opt for a more budget friendly laminate material to complete your look.

dual bathroom vanity increase home value
bathroom vanity increase home value
stone showers increase your home's value
stone shower walls increase your home's value

4. Stone Showers

These stunning shower designs are more popular than ever before, and we can see why. Not only do stone showers add value to your home, but they are also aesthetically very pleasing and offer a spa-like feel to the bathroom environment. Quartz and granite materials are great options for a stone shower, with many gorgeous patterns to choose from to enhance your home’s appeal.

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