Cabinet Refacing For Kitchen Transformation

cabinet refacing kitchen transformation

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is making waves in the remodeling industry. The speedy and successful solution for kitchen transformation is as affordable as it is accessible. Allowing homeowners with nearly any budget to completely transform their current kitchens into a whole new look through a simple, three-day process. This article discusses all the many benefits that come with cabinet refacing, and shares real-life projects with out of this world results.


Let’s take a look at the benefits of cabinet refacing alongside some of our favorite kitchen transformations.

kitchen cabinet refacing transformation before and after

From shabby to chic with a simple swap of old oak cabinet door fronts for new white cabinetry.

This stunning kitchen remodel displays many of the benefits to refacing your kitchen cabinets. First and foremost, the aesthetic upgrade is clearly enormous, but what’s not seen is the functionality hidden within the design.

A stunning center island and custom oven hood makes for an overall excellent cooking and serving set up in this kitchen through cabinet refacing. Check out this article for more ideas and inspiration on cabinet refacing design.

Keeping your countertops? No problem.

Cabinet refacing is perfect for homeowners who desire to keep their current countertops. A major benefit to cabinet refacing is that the upgrade easily works around your current countertops. Since the process is simply updating your existing cabinet layout with new door fronts, sides, drawers, and hinges, all countertops can be left in place.

Choosing to keep your current countertops is an environmentally friendly decision that will save you the cost of purchasing new, plus take out the hassle of dealing with a full replacement. This makes the process of kitchen transformation through cabinet refacing even simpler and more timely.

kitchen cabinet refacing transformation before and after

Cabinet refacing is the budget friendly solution for ultimate kitchen transformation.

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Kitchen transformation through cabinet refacing.

Not only is cabinet refacing economical, but it also offers virtually limitless options for design styles. Which means, no matter your style tastes and design preferences, there’s a cabinet refacing solution that will work for you.

Our cabinet refacing program provides a number of material options to select from including wood, opaque varnish, and thermofoil. Along with various colors and finish options, as well as numerous molding and decorative finishings available to complete your unique look.

cabinet refacing kitchen transformation
cabinet refacing kitchen transformation
cabinet refacing before and after

Whether you prefer a classic shaker or recessed panel door, or prefer something more modern like a standard flat-door style, cabinet refacing provides many options to complete your unique vision. This stunning kitchen renovation transformed dated cherry cabinets into a gorgeous detailed white cabinetry system for an overall contemporary kitchen design.

When it comes to kitchen design, sometimes all you need are a few simple upgrades for a truly magnificent transformation. This remodel selected shaker style door fronts and added contemporary handles and pulls for a modern finish. Complete with stunning quartz countertops and stainless steel cabinetry, this remodel is the poster-child for cabinet refacing success.

cabinet refacing before and after images

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cabinet refacing kitchen transformation

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