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Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas | Spruce Up Your Powder Room Walls

Although your guest bathroom might not be the first place you think of when it comes to making an aesthetic statement, some top interior designers will argue it’s a prime choice for experimenting with flashy or novel designs at home. Especially with the addition of unique bathroom wallpaper that will give your guest bathroom the refresh it’s been waiting for!

From lighting fixtures to mirrors and vanities, your bathroom is like a piece of clay just waiting to be molded by your own flair and personality. And the latest in popular guest bathroom ideas is an easy way to do just that. Adding wallpaper is one of the best ways to liven up any powder room or bathroom, and with these beautiful bathroom wallpaper ideas, we hope you’ll find inspiration for your own unique look. Read on to learn about some actionable tips and tricks to bring your powder room to life with some eye-popping wall designs.

How to Wallpaper a Bathroom

You may not think of it as such, but the bathroom is a sanctuary—one where you inevitably spend lots of time every day. So, why not treat it as such?

By upgrading your bathroom, you can create the sort of restful experience that you and your guests alike deserve. One of the easiest ways to transform your guest bathroom overnight is by updating and replacing your wallpaper. 

Wallpaper has been seeing a resurgence on the interior design scene in recent years, and for good reason. 

If you think of the walls of your bathroom as a canvas, you can play with color, shapes, and design to instantly elevate the experience of your bathroom from a cold and sterile room, into a spa-like retreat. Wallpaper does just that. 

Especially in small baths, which most guest bathrooms are, one accent wall or overarching wallpaper design can go a long way to changing the entire feel of your bathroom. 

Some quick ideas for wallpapering your bathroom include:

  • Using separate toilet space in your bathroom by creating contrasting wallpaper designs 
  • Taking advantage of the lack of shower in your powder room to utilize ceiling-to-floor wallpaper designs
  • Drawing eyes to one part of the bathroom with a wallpapered accent wall 
  • Adding bold, splashy prints to your bathroom in contrast to other common areas in the home

If you’re unsure where to start, you can consult a pro bathroom remodeler for advice, tips, or tricks. And for more bathroom accent wall ideas check out our blog with even more ideas here.

Powder room wallpaperWhat Kind of Wallpaper Should You Use in the Bathroom?

It’s natural to be unsure about how wallpaper in your powder room or bathroom will work. In reality, powder rooms make excellent candidates for putting up wallpaper, given that the lack of a shower and bathtub means you’re not likely to suffer the negative consequences of humidity. 

Some considerations for using wallpaper in your bathroom or powder room reno: 

  • Make sure to waterproof – Waterproofing the wallpaper in your bathroom is one way to ensure its durability. In order to waterproof wallpaper for the bathroom, all you need to do is apply coatings of water-based varnish, primer, or emulsion glaze. Make sure to cover evenly, and give plenty of time to dry. 
  • Consider the type of wallpaper that you use – You may want to adjust the type of wallpaper you use depending on the type of bathroom you’re working with. For example, peel-and-stick wallpaper for the bathroom may be highly convenient, but it might not be the best choice for bathrooms with a shower, a low-powered fan, or overall lots of humidity. In terms of durability, you can’t go wrong with a thick, water-proofed vinyl wallpaper—although many different kinds can do the trick. 
  • Consider bolder patterns – Bathrooms are smaller than most of the other rooms in your house. Use this space to your advantage by livening it up with some flashier prints or patterns. 

Different Types of Prints for Your Bathroom

Different types of wallpaper prints can create vastly different experiences. As stated above, your guest bathroom or powder room is a top place in your house to experiment with styles, prints, and colors that you wouldn’t show off in the living room.

Bathroom Wallpaper

There’s no right answer when it comes to deciding what type of wallpaper print you might prefer to style your bathroom. Here’re some popular ideas that others have used:

  • Floral, botanical prints for powder rooms – Opt for a bright, white background to contrast with nature-inspired design details, such as leaves, plants, or flowers, to turn your powder room into a bohemian-styled garden retreat. 
  • Sunny patterns and designs – Add a touch of light-enhancing white, yellow, or gold-style prints to make the room feel large and luminous. 
  • Use blues for a sophisticated touch – Blue can evoke a ponderous and relaxing experience for your family and visitors alike. A true classic, pair a blue-colored wallpaper with some minimal design features to achieve a sophisticated look. 
  • Graphic plaid prints for an old-school look – Plaid prints can evoke simple, yet classically cool, style and sophistication. 
  • Bathroom wallpaper borders for a fast fix – Opt to simply add bathroom wallpaper borders around the top of the wall for a quick flip.

Unsure of the right look for your powder room? An interior remodeling consultant can help you pick just the right combination of color and design to help spruce up your bathroom’s wallpaper. Talk to a Bathroom Remodeler Today

The bottom line: bathroom wallpaper is an excellent way to breathe new life into your powder room, guest bath, or any other bathroom in your house. But in order to achieve an entirely new look, you’ll need more than just wallpaper. 

A remodeling consultant with The Kitchen Shop can walk you through your options, such as vanities, lights, mirrors, cabinets—and yes, wallpaper—to help you make the most out of your powder room.

Give us a call at 269-294-9955 or schedule a consultation online to get started today. 

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