Coral Clay Colour

Coral Clay quartz is a beautiful and timeless creamy-beige stone. The beige quartz material features taupe veins that are a shade darker than the base coloring, along with light cream flecks that make up the dynamic pattern. Coral Clay pairs well with modern and traditional design styles, and can be used for any design elements including, countertops, backsplashes, fireplaces, waterfall islands, and more. Coral Clay quartz is popular among professionals and homeowners, and is said to provide a welcoming feel to any space.

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Coral Clay is a beautiful creamy-beige quartz material that features taupe veining and ivory flecks. The neutral stone is a timeless choice for countertops, showers, accent walls, backsplashes, and other design elements, and is popular among home and business owners for providing an inviting feel to any space.

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